1984 Mercedes 300D Turbo

About a year ago I got interested in diesel cars that were converted to run on WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil. I also thought that the old diesel Mercedes were sweet looking. So needless to say, I went out and bought one for $1700. I had it for about a week and started to work on it and made it to not run. I ran out of money and time, so it sat in the driveway for a year. I finally tried to sell it (for $500), and by the grace of God, I got hooked up with a super nice mechanic who knows everything about these cars. He helped me get it running again, and I have been working on it for the last two weeks. I have decided not to convert it, and instead, try to run it on a 50/50 mix of diesel and vegetable oil, as diesel cars can run on straight vegetable oil without modification (converting just makes it easier).

Here are some pictures that my girl Kayla Ingram took of me changing the motor mounts. She is a talented girl. And cute.


4 responses to “1984 Mercedes 300D Turbo

  1. kaylabelleingram

    i’m just saying, but the 2nd to last picture with you crossing your legs reminds me of that pic i sent you the other day of a kid crossing his legs, and you told me you don’t do that…
    i like the edits. the vintage feel goes along with the car.

  2. It is hard to hide my homeschooled side sometimes. And now it is public…

  3. i like your pictures. you should update more often man.

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