My Nephews

David and Nicholas are two awesome guys that happen to be my nephews. They have had an interesting life so far, they have been able to speak German, Spanish, and English, lived in another country, been to 3 different continents and are both under the age of 7. They both have a passion for video games and play Star Wars Battlefront or Lego Star Wars any chance they get. David is known for asking everyone he see’s if they have an “Iphone” because he loves playing the games on mine so much. I love my nephews very much.

Here are some pictures from Davids birthday party a while back and a few of them swinging, waving to their “Papi” who is in Army Ranger school right now.


2 responses to “My Nephews

  1. you have a great camera slash i love you

  2. thanks brian. I love you too.

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