Night Of Worship

We had a Night Of Worship at Watermarke church on Sunday night. For anyone who came, you know that this night was incredibly powerful. We had a couple hundred adults pumping their fists to “We Shine” and students just going after the Lord. The band was awesome, Seth was so excited at one point, he was giddy and the drummer, Jacob Arnold, broke through his kick head on the last song so Joe Brim had to go on stage and played his floor tom to fill in. Crazy. The band walked off the stage and the entire room was going crazy, yelling “encore!”. It was ridiculous the amount of energy that was generated. I was blown away by the amount of people that we had bought in to what we were doing and willing to spend their entire day at Palmer Middle School getting ready for this night. We had an awesome group of volunteers that stuck around from 6:00am set-up to 9:30pm tear down and everything in between. We changed the set from Sunday morning and added a triple head 2go to make a 30′ wide seamless image across our three screens, 20′ of truss, 3 moving lights, re-programmed all the lights, and jumpbacks, and a had full band run-through a couple times. All in about 4 hours. We have an awesome team and God was in this night. Thanks to everyone who helped and came out, it wouldn’t have happened without you.

I took these during rehearsal because I was too busy enjoying the service to take pictures.


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