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Apologies and Apple Sauce

I apologize for not posting anything on my blog in a while. I have just been really busy for the last 14 months… In that amount of time I have taken a cross-country road trip with Blakey P, got a new job designing web sites with my big buddy/soon-to-be cousin Josh, grown a pretty substantial beard, visited Wyoming and Montana, moved in to a house with 4 of the coolest guys on Georgia soil, and put a ring on the finger of THE coolest girl on Georgia soil.

Now I am helping plan mine and Kayla’s wedding which will be in April of 2011. We have a lot of fun planning together and have a great group of creative friends and family to make the process fun and stress-free. God has been teaching me a lot lately about letting go of stress and control and it has been so good to get that weight off of my shoulders. One of the greatest things about following Christ, you have nothing to worry about, it is something Jesus lays out very clearly in Mathew. We are planning on traveling through Europe for about 4 months right after we get married, just taking some time to see what God has for us, and taking the opportunity to serve over-seas. Our goal is to get connected with 4-6 ministries/people that we can serve with all over Europe and take the weeks in-between to travel and sight-see. Kayla and I both want to be free. Freedom in finances, freedom in work, freedom in location, and freedom in Christ. I am so excited to get married and take the adventure of life in Christ with Kayla. I can’t imagine being with anyone else who has the same vision and openness in life that Kayla has. I am truly honored and thankful that God has put us together.

Here are a few pictures of the happenings of the last 14 months. Apple sauce.